Capital Letter After Semicolon Uk

Capital Letter After Semicolon Uk

A semicolon should be followed by a capital letter only if the word is a proper noun or an acronym. We can go to the museum to do some research; Mondays are pretty quiet there.
A colon is not normally followed by a capital letter in British usage, though American. It is, however, usual to use a colon after a word, phrase or sentence in the .
If a suitable connecting word is used, then a joining comma is required, rather than a semicolon: Women's conversation is cooperative, while men's is competitive. A semicolon would be impossible in the last example, since the sequence after the comma is not a complete sentence.
In the above examples you have some idea of what will come after the colon.. whether the clause following the colon should begin with a capital letter or not.
In the sentence below, the main idea is that the British diet is often not as healthy. Either always use a capital or always use a lower case letter after the colon.
Items in vertical lists begin with capital letters only when they are headings with. There are no commas or semicolons, no and after the penultimate item and no
Those two little dots have three main uses: learn what a colon's job is and where it can be used with our helpful guide. Can you spot how it is being used here?

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