Createspace Coloring Book Template

Createspace Coloring Book Template

I'm creating a coloring book. I downloaded one of the formatted templates (8.2 x 8.2) that CreateSpace offers. To me it looks like there is too .
Does CreateSpace have coloring book creation capibilities??? I do not see a coloring book template with the "Start a Project" tab.
Open the PDF or PNG file for the Paperback Book Cover Template in your image editing. We suggest filling in this area with your background color or design.
Hello. I am creating a 10×10 coloring book but only see 8.5×8.5 template for the inside. Does that mean I'll have 1.5 trim margin around my .
From the number of times I have seen "coloring book" in a thread title I would say that hundreds of people have produced them. Did you use the .
Are any of the templates for an 8.5×11 size coloring book???? Level 0. I'm still working on my coloring is in review at present. I have a .

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